We are proud to serve delectable dishes from different continents, combined with a relaxed ambience and stunning views. Our restaurant has a diverse menu, ranging from local Banten specialties to mouth-watering international food. Each dish is prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients, processed with precise cooking techniques by our experienced chefs. Enjoy a great dining experience with friendly and professional service from our team who are ready to serve you with a smile and hospitality.


D’Bistro Restaurant serves European specialties, Italian pizza and pasta, and Asian specialties, not to forget the Indonesian buffet every dinner.

Sunset Grill

With a beachfront location, you can savor our delicious dishes while enjoying spectacular sunset views over the sunda strait. Our restaurant offers a select menu of fresh seafood and grilled meats, prepared with high quality ingredients by our talented chefs.

Pool Garden

Pool Garden

Our swimming pool has a soothing atmosphere, created to fulfill your need for relaxation and healthy entertainment. In addition, on the pool side, there is a dining area offering a selection of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks that can be enjoyed during your swim or relaxing by the pool.